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Bibimbud, Original Kimchi Sauce is a unique kimchi-style condiment that you can dip, spread, mix, and cook anything with. Packed with flavor and loaded with health benefits, Bibimbud is the perfect partner for every dish.

Meet Bibimbud.

Whether you're thinking of learning how to make kimchi at home or mix things up by adding Bibimbud to your favorite dish, there are many exciting ways to enjoy Bibimbud. Explore recipes and see what you can do with Bibimbud.

Ready to mix things up?

Created by two Korean buddies living abroad, Bibimbud is a cure for the homesick and a companion for the adventurous.


Bibimbud is made with 100% love and 0% preservatives. Just like real kimchi, it undergoes a natural fermentation process which lets it get better with age. Bibimbud stores longer without spoiling and is free from unhealthy preservatives.

Loaded with Health Benefits

Bibimbud is packed with natural flavors from ingredients loaded with health benefits. With its superfood status, kimchi is linked to the prevention of many diseases. A daily dose of kimchi boosts immunity and metabolism, improves circulation and gut health. 

Uniquely Blended

Made in Korea, Bibimbud reimagines the traditional kimchi recipe to suit the global palette. This unique blend makes for an exciting flavor that goes with local cuisines around the world.

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