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Explore the many delicious meals you can enjoy with Bibimbud. See what you can do with Bibimbud.

To become a Buddie, just sign-up to our Buddie Program using the form above. Please wait for our team to review and contact you regarding your application. 

How do I become a Buddie?

Because you're a Buddie, we send you gifts. You also get first access to new product launches and get involved in developing and testing our recipes and products. You also get exclusive deals for Bibimbud products, because Buddies help each other out! 

What do Buddies get?

If you would like to collaborate with Bibimbud or learn more about our Buddie program, you may reach out to our P.R. and social team at

Who can I contact?

Let's be Buddies.

We love working with our Buddies - bloggers and foodies who, through their platform, share their love for food. And because Buddies help each other out, we're here for a community that supports passions and collaborate to make feed-worthy content. 


Need Help?

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