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You can make just about anything with Bibimbud. You can start making kimchi at home or making classic Korean dishes. Bibimbud is also a great dipping sauce for your favorite dish.  Explore dishes made with Bibimbud.

What can I make with Bibimbud?

Bibimbud is ready-to-eat with little to no cooking required. You can use Bibimbud straight out of the packet as a sauce, mix it into rice or season whatever it is you're cooking. Explore dishes made with Bibimbud.

Do I have to cook Bibimbud?

Yes, Bibimud is a kimchi-based sauce. With its superfood status, many experts recommend eating kimchi daily, with every meal as it improves gut health, promotes circulation, and boosts immunity and metabolism.

Is it healthy to eat Bibimbud everyday, what are the benefits?

Yes, it's normal for Bibimbud to taste a little bit sourer than when you first opened it. Like any fermented dish, Bibimbud can be stored longer without spoiling, even without preservatives. Fermentation creates enzymes for digestion, intensifying the flavors and making Bibimbud better over time. We recommend refrigerating Bibimbud after opening and seeing the best before date on the packaging for best results.

My Bibimbud started to taste different, is this normal?

You can buy Bibimbud online on Lazada. Bimbimbud ships nationwide anywhere in the Philippines.

Where can I buy Bibimbud?

If you want to stock up or gift Bibimbud to your friends and family, email us at to place a bulk order.

Can I buy Bibimbud in bulk or wholesale?

We love supporting people who, through social media content, embody fun and adventure in the kitchen. Explore collaboration opportunities by applying to our Buddie Program. 

I want to feature Bibimbud on my social media, can you help me?

Talk to us.

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